The Daily Mississippian, Feb 2010: Questions From The Kitchen

By Emily Roland

Question: Describe the creation process and birth of the Ravine.

We were living in California in 2005 and 2006, and I was buying wine for a restaurant. That was one of the perks; I would always get sent up to wine country, Napa and Sonoma, to go to the wineries.

We would stay at these neat bed and breakfasts run by little families that had restaurants in them that were set out in the country and had big wrap-around porches.

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When we found out that our son, Henry, was going to be born, we moved back here because we have family around the area. We weren’t even looking for a restaurant to open; we were just trying to find a place to live. Cori was going through a real-estate magazine when she saw this bed and breakfast that was for sale. So we decided to go look at it because we were having such bad luck finding a place to buy for a home. Then I started scratching out my first business plan ever, and I showed it to five different banks. Two of them said that they wanted to do it, and one of them was willing to do it on my timetable as opposed to theirs.

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